Sam Hooke

Guemes Mountain

Arrived at 11:15am on Sunday. The main parking lot has room for about four cars, and there is an overflow parking lot just a stone’s throw down the road that looks like it can fit another two cars. We had no problem finding a space.

The hike is very pleasant, through tree cover all the way until you reach the summit. The trail is very easy to follow and in great condition, with some sections that have evidently been maintained recently. At various points there are benches beside the trail, including a nice viewpoint about half way up.

One very minor obstacle almost not worth mentioning is that a rotten tree appears to have fallen down recently, and has landed on the trail. It’s easy enough to just step over.

Currently the tent caterpillars are in overdrive. Many trees are covered in these insects, especially on the top half of the hike.

There is a great view from the top, with a small loop that gives a chance to look in all directions, including some more benches to sit and enjoy watching the world.