Sam Hooke

Shi Shi Beach

Can confirm: is muddy. Though beware the mud doesn’t really begin until about 1 mile in. The first half mile or so is mostly board walks, which are in good condition and keep you safe above the squelchy terrain. After the board walks you join the old road, which is a little muddy but not too bad. The road ascends gently, turns to the left and levels out, then gradually gets more and more muddy, and before you know it the mud is unavoidable.

We originally set out to reach Anderson Point, a small headland that should be accessible by turning right at the 0.8 mile mark. While it exists on my map, unfortunately it appears to now be closed off. At the entrance to the junction for Anderson Point there is a sign saying “PRIVATE NO TRESPASSING”, and the trail looks unmaintained. So we stuck on the main trail heading to Shi Shi Beach.

Our time was limited so we had to turn around before reaching the beach. We had hoped to at least catch a glimpse of the coastline but there was no such view as far as we got. Regardless the hike was good fun.

The parking lot is gravel with a few potholes at the entrance, but nothing too bad. It is quite small with space for perhaps a couple dozen cars at most. We arrived late in the day at 1:45pm (having been to Cape Flattery first), and there were only a couple of spaces left. There are two pit toilets at the trailhead.