Sam Hooke

Gold Creek Pond Snowshoe

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Trail is still snow covered, but both fairly compact and yet rather slushy. I used snowshoes, but others in our group were fine with Yaktrax, so long as they stayed on the well-trodden trail.

The lake (pond) still appears to be frozen, apart from the north end where the creek flows in, though the surface is somewhat slushy and seems to give way easily.

We arrived at 2:30pm on Tuesday and were able to park on the road right outside the winter trailhead. There were only three other cars, and the road was completely free of snow. We left about 4pm and were the last car present.

The scenery, as always, was spectacular! In our brief visit we had both clear blue skies and thick heavy snow. The trail was quickly obscured by the heavy snow, but was not a problem because we knew the route well.

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