Sam Hooke

Cape Flattery

Arrived at 9:30am on Tuesday. Plenty of space in the parking lot. Pretty much had the trail to ourselves! On the way out we only bumped into a couple of other groups going the other way.

The trail is in great condition. At worst there are a few muddy patches, though typically with logs for stepping stones, but nothing challenging. The latter half of the trail is mostly board walks, and the viewpoints are all reasonably sized fenced wooden platforms.

There are three viewpoints, and each one is spectacular. The first looks towards some nearby islands across a small inlet; the second has a bow-shaped platform with caves nearby; the third has a wide view facing towards Tatoosh Island and the lighthouse. The first and third have benches.

We saw some interesting wildlife: Cormorants, Oystercatchers, Pigeon Guillemots, a Bald Eagle, and a Sea Lion. No whales, but it was fun to watch the birds soaring in and out of the caves.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this hike for some years and it did not disappoint. In a remarkable stroke of luck the weather was clear blue skies! My favourite view was from the third viewpoint looking to the right along the coastline.

Around 11am it suddenly started getting busy. We headed back, and the parking lot was almost full, though still a few spaces. There is a pit toilet at trailhead.