Sam Hooke

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

Arrived an hour before sunset, so only hiked just over a couple of miles out and back again. Although short, it was well worth the trip. The skies were clear, and Garfield Mountain descended into a deep shade of red as the sun went down. Along the first mile there are several expansive views looking north-east.

After a mile or so, we spotted a Gold Crested Kinglet, with a vibrant yellow stripe on its head. We could also hear other birds in the trees, but they all remained elusive. The only other animals we encountered were dogs with their human friends.

The trail was in great condition, with only a few slightly muddy patches. The shady areas of the trail were quite frosty, though such areas were few and far between, and resided only on the foliage.

Looking forward to returning again another day and making it out further.