Sam Hooke

Little Si

Arrived at 9am on a Saturday. Main parking lot was full, but overflow had a few spaces still.

The trail is in good condition, though obviously endures a lot of footfall, with lots of bare rock and roots exposed. Multiple sections feel like a “choose your own adventure” book, with the trail diverging into several possible routes, but they all quickly merge again. The first 2/3rds of the trail has several plateaus and even a few downhill seconds, but the last 1/3rd is a consistent steep ascent.

There were a few bugs when passing near the little stream, but nothing too bad.

Once at the top of Little Si, it can be easy to miss that there are actually a number of good viewing areas slightly further down on the south side of the summit. Since the summit itself is fairly small, it can get quite crowded.

The weather was very cloudy, but the clouds hung just above the top of Little Si. So Mt. Si itself was hidden from sight, but we had great views across the valley. We spent an hour on the summit, and the clouds to the south cleared up a little, but Mt. Si remained elusive.

Looking south the outline of Rattlesnake Ledge is clearly visible. Bring a pair of binoculars and you might just be able to make out people standing up on it, roughly 5 miles away. View south from the summit, with Rattlesnake Ledge in the distance.