Sam Hooke

Gold Creek Pond

All trips at this location:

Arrived shortly after midday on a hot Saturday with clear skies. Unsurprisingly the parking lot was pretty much full. The short road that leads up to the parking lot is gravel, and has quite a lot of pot holes, but nothing insurmountable.

I’ve visited Gold Creek Pond numerous times in winter, when it is beneath a blanket of snow, but never before in summer. It is still just as scenic as always, and well worth the visit.

We went clockwise around the lake (seems bigger than a “pond” to me!). The first half of the loop was much shadier. About three-quarters of the way around, on the east side, it was shady enough that there were still some patches of snow, though they’re probably long-gone by the time I’ve written this trip report.

The tiny beach where the creek enters the lake at the north-east side is worth a visit. The bright sun sparkles on the shallow water, dimpled with pebbles.

Keep an eye out for the Trillium too, there are many on the east side of the lake near the (probably long-gone) snow.