Sam Hooke

Deception Pass State Park - Headlands / Rosario Head / Lighthouse Point

Just to confirm, Bowman Bay Boat Launch and the adjacent beach are still closed due to the elephant seal pup. The Bowman Bay parking lot itself is open, but if you plan on hiking along the coast to the lighthouse, you will need to take a detour (other trip reports have already shared the detour map). Pets/dogs are also disallowed at Bowman Bay due to the pup.

Today there were several volunteers nearby who are watching over the pup, with a little marquee set up at the north end of the Boatman Bay Boat Launch parking lot. The volunteers were very friendly and had lots of information, photos and videos of the pup. The pup itself was visible, though was 100m (300ft) away, however one of the volunteers kindly lent us their binoculars so we could get a good look!

Other wildlife sightings today included: from the top of Rosario Head, a couple pods of porpoise on either side of Deception Island; and looking down from the south end of Deception Pass Bridge, a river otter catching fish with a seal in hot pursuit.

Porpoises, river otters, harbour seals and an elephant seal pup - not bad for one afternoon!