Sam Hooke

Oyster Dome

All trips at this location:

Beware of icy conditions on the trail. Last weekend’s snowfall is still present on the trail once you get a couple of miles from the parking lot, and while the snow isn’t deep, it has been compacted into slippery ice in many places.

The parking lot and road are free of snow, so the actual drive there is no problem. The gravel road is in a good condition, with just the occasional potholes to watch out for. We arrived just after 10am on a Saturday and there were still 5 free spaces.

We took the slightly longer route up (via Max’s Shortcut), which was much quieter than the more direct route. However, once it rejoins with the direct route about 1/3rd of a mile from Oyster Dome itself, the trail becomes very slippery. We witnessed several people slip over. Would strongly recommend at least having some sort of traction cleats on your boots.

As countless others have said, the view itself is spectacular just from the parking lot. We were able to see far across the Sound, saw at least four eagles soaring in the currents, and were able to hear lots of birds along the trail when we paused to listen.