Sam Hooke

Meeting 6 - Value Tea & Dunking

And so commences the first Tea and Stuff meeting of 2013!

It did begin rather late, as not all were present until 5:30. While waiting for all members to turn up, we cleared space for a recently acquired beer home brewing kit. Though we could not commence the beer brewing, as a few additional items are still required (e.g. brewing sugar). There is now room in the cupboard under the stairs for the fermenting pot thing, but in order to make this space several hundred plastic bags had to be relocated.

Once all had turned up, we headed over to the nearby Whittards tea shop in order to remedy our pitiful lack of tea varieties. On the way back we purchased a pack of Tesco Value Tea - at the grand cost of 27 Great British Pence! Fear not - for this tea was purchased not for pleasure, but science! It is our plan to compare this presumably disastrous excuse for tea to other more costly brands. Through use of blind taste tests, or something similar, we intend to ensure we can taste the difference.

Back at home, we all had a nice cup of Portsmouth Tea along with some biscuits. Both Oreos and Maryland. Their dunking ability was thoroughly assessed. Both biscuits lost their structural integrity rather rapidly, so prolonged dunking is discouraged with these varieties. It was unanimously agreed that Oreos are superior to Maryland for dunking, because the Maryland would lose their flavour and just taste like nuts. Speaking of nuts, we also had a jumbo tin of salted peanuts which we intended to try dunking. Unfortunately after opening the tin it was evident that they smelt very unusual, with a peculiar pong that put all off of consuming them.