Sam Hooke

Meeting 7 - Tesco Value Tea

Tea Club was cancelled on Wednesday, so an impromptu belated meeting was held today instead, as all members were conveniently present thanks to a film night. This gave us the perfect opportunity for subjecting unaware participants to a very (un)scientific study.

After replying yes in response to the question “would you like some tea?”, several non-members of tea club were given cups of tesco value tea. After which, we asked their opinion of it. Answers varied between “good” and “brilliant”. Considering the cheap cost of the tea, these fully positive results seemed unusual. We can put this partially down to the dignified politeness which most self respecting guests try to maintain.

Subsequently, all members of tea club tried the tesco value tea themselves. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad (at first). Very plain, no distinctive flavour, just extremely average tea. However, upon nearing the bottom of the mug, the tea began to taste worse. Quite bitter and icky. Not a very nice aftertaste. We would definitely rather stick with tea that costs more than 27p.