Sam Hooke

Meeting 5 - Amateur Blending

We concocted our own blend of tea, combining the planty goodness of nettle tea with the vibrant flavour of Moroccan Mint tea. Brewing was a two stage process, since the nettle requires 5 minutes whereas the mint requires a measly 2 minutes. To compensate for the adjusted loose leaf tea ratios, we brewed two tea spoons of nettle tea for 2.5 minutes, then added two tea spoons of mint tea and brewed for a further 2 minutes.

The end result was much nicer than plain nettle tea, and is a drink we would happily consume again.

We shall have to buy some more tea in the next couple days, as stocks have run dangerously low.

In an exciting turn of events, a reasonably sized box of lego was acquired for tea and stuff. Easily arguable; lego is stuff.

These are archived posts from Tea & Stuff, an unofficial society of Portsmouth University which ran from November 2012 to March 2013.

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