Sam Hooke

Meeting 1 - Tea and Stuff!

Today, the first official Tea Club meeting took place. It was attended by Dave, Phil and Sam. It was held from approximately 3pm until 7pm, and a wide variety of topics were discussed.

The meeting began with a cup of “ambiguous tea”. A certain red box contained a supply of a handful of tea bags, of which the flavour was uncertain. The contents of the box were supposed to be green tea, and smoky Russian tea, but it was surprisingly hard to tell them apart. In the end, three of these ambiguous tea bags were chosen. After adding water, it became apparent that one of the teas was green, and the other two were smoky.

The initial discussion was that of weapons - swords, sabres, and the like.

It was decided that we should have an official outing to see Skyfall, that recent James Bond film which is supposedly worth a watch. After some deliberation, the date and time was chosen - 11:15am on the following Saturday.

Having an official website was deemed necessary, and as such, the domain was decided upon. Other suggestions, such as, were taken. It was agreed that this domain name should be purchased, and a website set up before the next meeting, using wordpress because lazy etc.

A motion was then passed that when a tea related pun is opportune, it should be seized! What followed was an onslaught of tea-rrificly bad puns.

The next, more serious item on the agenda, was the format of Tea Club’s structure. The following was agreed upon for next meeting, all to occur in sequential order:

  • Open with a nice cup of tea
  • Migrate to All About Tea to buy taster packs
  • Try tea
  • Discuss tea (review, rate, smell, taste etc)
  • End with a nice cup of tea

Next meeting, we should also discuss the use of loose leaf tea.

A punishment, for whatsoever reason as of yet undecided, should consist of having to drink tea using a teabag that has been reused multiple times. The same teabag should be reused each time.

To conclude; as long as we remember our pretentiousness, we are not.