Sam Hooke

Meeting 3 - Planty Teas

This week we had nettle tea. Unlike the other teas which have long, fancy, eloquent descriptions, this tea just plainly stated its ingredients. I.e. vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, magnesium etc.

It had a hint of mint, and looked very planty-green. It was quite a calming tea, but one cup was enough - unlike other teas which we would happily drink cup after cup of.

We next tried Strawberry and Kiwi tea. Once it was poured out, its smell instantly filled the room and the adjacent room too! It had a very fruity smell, similar to mulled wine, and judging from that first sensation we expected it to be very sweet. Upon drinking it, we were surprised to find it wasn’t anywhere near as sweet as we expected, and unless you drank a sizable portion it was actually quite plain. In an attempt to remedy this, we added sugar. This definitely made it taste better. It had a lot of warmth, but didn’t feel like the sort of tea you would want to end the day on. Rather, it might make good company whilst you are working.