Sam Hooke

Meeting 4 - Baking & Settlers

We introduced baking to tea club, since after all, it is tea and stuff - baking is stuff!

The recipe was based upon a flapjack experiment from last week:

  • 3x 114g galaxy chocolate
  • bar of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
  • about 250g of golden syrup
  • bit of milk
  • 500g oats

First the chocolate was melted in a bowl in boiling water, then the syrup was added. It was mixed with some milk to keep it runny, then mixed with the oats by hand. The Cadbury chocolate was broken into pieces, and each piece placed inside a ball of oats, like a large meatball. Then they went in the middle of the oven on 160c for about 15 minutes so that the middle of the ball melts. They are very unhealthy and tasty.

Back to tea - we tried a new one called Jasmine Yin Hao. It was a bit bitter, and not as jasmine-y as we expected. A bit of a disappointment.

We played a game of Settlers of Catan.

Then we had Moroccan Mint tea. It smelt a bit fishy and didn’t taste too minty. We wouldn’t buy it again.

Finally, we finished off with a random tea each. Three tea bags; Hampshire Tea, Hampshire Grey and Portsmouth Tea were given to each member at random.