Sam Hooke

Sonic Pi on Debian

Sonic Pi allows you to compose music with code, and edit it on the fly.

I heard about it through Hacker News.

I installed it on Linux with:

$ sudo apt install sonic-pi

However, when I tried to launch it by running sonic-pi I got the error:

jack server is not running or cannot be started

I found that others had the same issue, and the proposed solution was to run qjackctl to start a jack server manually. However, I still got the same symptom.

After a little more searching, I found an answer which elaborated further, which includes configuring the jack server. Specifically, this answer.

After following those steps, I was able to get Sonic Pi to launch on Debian!

These are rough notes from whatever I was working on, interested in or thinking about at the time. They vary greatly in quality and length, but prove useful to me, and hopefully to you too!

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