Sam Hooke

Docker build invalid reference format

nmcli tips

Workaround for installing Dropbox on Debian with libpango transitional package

Running inkscape_merge against Inkscape v1.0

Sonic Pi on Debian

mypy tips

SSH tips

mypy and verbose logging

Researching generating playing cards from an SVG template using Inkscape

Migrating from Tastypie to Django REST Framework

Configure Python package to install dependencies only for specific combinations of Python version and platform

Python click: allow user to retry input upon validation failure

Call Python script from pylint init-hook

Python DEPRECATION warning and pip --no-cache-dir breakage

libusb usb_open error -4

Troubleshooting wifi driver crashing (part 4)

Making Visio 2016 Usable

Troubleshooting wifi driver crashing (part 3)

Troubleshooting wifi driver crashing (part 2)

Install Hugo testing distribution on Debian

These are rough notes from whatever I was working on, interested in or thinking about at the time. They vary greatly in quality and length, but prove useful to me, and hopefully to you too!