Sam Hooke

Dominos 2: Winter Edition

Physics based platformer complete with powerful level editor! Created for the Yoyogames winter competition, in which it gained an “honourable mention”.

This game continues the Dominos series, adding in two main new features: the ability to stick to things, and a level editor. The terrain system is also much more versatile, allowing for smooth curves rather than jagged corners. A wider variety of obstacles leads to more puzzles.

There is a (somewhat) well balanced story mode, complete with cut scenes. Beyond that exists many fan made levels, and if that is not enough, you can design your own levels to play.

This v2.61 release has some bonus features which the older release floating around the web doesn’t have:

  • New replay feature (some minor bugs)
  • Works under Windows 10, 7 & Vista
  • Possibly some new levels

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  • Originally hosted on Yoyogames as game #20418, but was lost when their website was redesigned.
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